APL is an aviation brand that exists to support the aviation community through a professional, fun, and collaborative approach. We believe all aviators, whether student or military; career or hobby are an essential part of the aerospace industry. Our community celebrates how each individual, regardless of path, culture, gender, sexual orientation, background, or future add and influence the art and wonder of aviation. Pilots are more than a rating or title. Here, at APL, you will discover what you may not know about aviation— as told by the people who appreciate, often exist in, and admire the sky. Welcome to an aviation adventure for the not so typical pilot. We are glad you landed here.

Kara Mulder is a corporate flight attendant, private pilot, and writer. In addition to creating and managing A Pilot Life, she is founder of the popular aviation lifestyle brand, Flight Attendant Life, a blog that has received mentions in the New York Times, Expedia, Travel + Leisure, and more. Currently, Kara is studying for her instrument and commercial pilot ratings. In her free time, Kara enjoys flying, surfing, kitesurfing, writing, and drinking perfect coffees.

Dania, having been born and raised in a small town in Canada, wanted to explore the world and expand her horizons. Starting her career in aviation as a flight attendant, she fell in love with the industry and pursued her commercial pilot license. She then got married, moved to California, and converted her Canadian pilot license to FAA and is now a legal commercial pilot in the United States! Dania is constantly looking for new opportunities to learn and expand her knowledge as a pilot. 

Paul is not your average airline pilot. While getting people from one place to another is his job, his passion comes after the wheels touchdown. Planning adventures during layovers is his forte so buckle up, because you’re in for a ride!